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Car Wash Buyer:  

I am Roger Pencek (MBA) founder and broker for CWB, Inc.  and have been personally selling Car Washes since 1985.  I am committed to my buyers and sellers by utilizing the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality.  References and list of recent sales upon a confidentiality form will be provided upon written request.


If you are considering BUYING a car wash business, now is the time to begin the planning process, positioning your financials and researching the car wash market.

About CWB:

Car Wash Brokers, Inc. is a full service Real Estate brokerage firm eligible to sell gas stations and car washes in all 50 States.  We specialize in the sale of businesses with or without real estate.  Our ultimate goal is to satisfy both buyers and sellers by researching the market and making available saleable businesses. Integrity, confidence, trust ethics, and many hours of CWB’s creative talent turn dreams into reality for our clients. Our team of agents thoroughly address today’s business market and practices current and creative methods.  

How We Perform For Buyers:  

Buyers are given all the honor and fair dealing that is afforded to complete their inquire of any of CWB‘s listed car washes for sale. Upon their request of any of our car wash listings and confidentiality forms authorized, we will provide them with a list of current lenders, insurance, equipment dealers etc., to assist them in their investigation of each car wash listing (see REFERENCES in our Web Site).  

Often times buyers will alternatively, at their option, enter into a Buyer Broker Exclusive Agreement (BBE) with CWB, Inc. .   That agreement hires CWB Inc. as their exclusive agent in finding a car wash for them with specific geographic and financial terms.  If we have the gas station or car wash already in inventory to sell them, the goal is achieved immediately.  This BBE instrument provides us to bring unsuspecting car wash owners” letters of intent” or” purchase agreements” on behalf of our registered “buyer” for car washes that are not actively on the market.   Reciprocal confidentiality of both “Buyer” and “Seller” is strictly preserved, as when the seller typically hires us to sell their car wash. Our commission fees for BBE here are the same, as for car wash owners that list their car washes and gas stations for sale. However, never do we charge both buyer and seller double, if we sell them a car wash already in inventory.  

If you have any questions regarding any of our listings or if you would like to further explore the process of buying a car a gas station or car wash business, please feel free to contact me or any of our agents across the country. .   It is our mission to help buyers by answering your questions about      buying a gas station /car wash business and helping you to understand the market.  All communications will be kept strictly confidential. 




Roger Pencek, President, MBA, Broker


Car Wash Owner:
Have you ever thought about this? Did you know only 18% of all small businesses that are available for sale, actually sell. What happens to the rest of them (82%) and why? To most small business owners the eventual sale of their business represents the means for them to realize their retirement dreams. The big problem is that most car wash owners are not experienced in the process of planning, pricing and marketing their business in order to realize the maximum value for it, and all too often, this can result in their business ending up in the 82% group referred to above that never sell.
If you are considering selling your gas station or car wash business, now is the time to begin the planning process, positioning yourself and your business to maximize the value of your business when it is eventually sold.
CWB can help you to understand some of the issues that can arise when a business is being sold that can either prevent a sale from happening or cause a deal to fall apart. Our experience in accumulating all relevant information needed for buyers review, lenders muster and ultimately, appraisers is now available. These documents can now be professionally prepared in our “Car Wash Package”. Details on preparing these packages can be obtained by contacting our offices.
I am Roger Pencek (MBA) founder and broker for CWB, Inc.  and have been personally selling car washes and gas stations since 1985. I am committed to my clients by utilizing the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality which these packages command. References and list of recent sales are available upon written request.
If you have any questions regarding the enclosed information or if you would like to further explore the process of selling your business, please feel free to contact me. It is my mission to help owners by answering your questions about selling your business and helping you to understand the process. All communications will be kept strictly confidential.


Roger Pencek, President, MBA, Broker

 “Car Wash Packages”

           CWB Inc. was founded by Roger A. Pencek (existing President / Broker) and have been selling car washes and gas stations since 1985.  Our specific mission is to market and sell car washes throughout the entire USA.  Over the years and hundreds of car wash businesses sold, a reoccurring obstacle and often “deal breaker” in the process of selling a carwash, is the lack of complete and professionally assembled information.

When a car wash is typically listed for sale, the seller transfers “Bit by Bit” information relating to the business to the broker to entice a buyer.  The “Big Problem” is that while the seller is an expert in operating the car wash or gas station, they are not experienced in planning, pricing, organizing books and records in preparation of marketing their business for sale.  Statistics prove that only 18% of all car washes on the market are salable!!  To maintain the attention of that valuable buyer, all the pertinent information must be assembled at once to avoid buyers losing interest and going elsewhere.  Paramount to the sales process is to get all the complete information upfront for multiple buyers to review.  The buyer’s accountants and lenders can then immediately start mustering the seller’s books and records and simultaneously appraisers can begin their study since all the facts are available. The obvious delay factor “time”, which is the common “deal breaker”, is avoided and close escrow is the eminent.  Look to our REFERENCE section of this web site and call any of the contacts as to their opinion of this process!

The simple solution is to “package” each business right from the beginning upon listing the business for sale (see our REFERENCE list).  CWB INC. has developed a streamline method from proven history that these packages lead to fast and uncomplicated closings!!!  Once the package is completed (within 14 days of receipt of all the items from seller) an immediate “Fast Track” of simultaneous events takes place.  Buyers are impressed and passionate with the deal, lenders can process loans and appraisers are expedited by a minimum of 50% of the traditional time! 



 Upon the seller authorizing our 12 month Exclusive Listing Agreement at the Seller's option to package, a $5K packaging fee will be collected.  Now read on—that $5K is credited back to the seller, from CWB's commission direct and thru close of escrow—so it’s free! The absolute advantage to the seller here is to put their emphasis in collecting the essential paperwork needed to sell their business and arm their business and arm us to assemble all of it into a “BANK AND BUYER READY PACKAGE” to sell it!   The seller will be given our standard ‘packaging list’ of items that needs to be assembled (NOTE:  each carwash will be customized due to their particularities).  From the time we receive all the items and any other specifics needed as to the particulars to that business in its entirety, the “package” will be completed within 10 working days (with 5 complete copies, one for the sellers file)! 

We have groomed with perfection these proven packages  and can now proudly offer to car wash sellers that “option” to pay for the packaging fee of $5K (Some may be higher due to the sophistication of the business- non refundable per car wash business listed).  The $5K fee will be then credited directly back to the seller at Close of Escrow directly from Brokers Commission, therefore it’s at no cost to the seller!!  In addition to this “package credit”, our standard commission of 9% for the 1st million dollars sales price will be reduced to 8%, second million dollars of sales price at 7% and third million dollars or sales price – to last million dollars of sales price 5% commission unchanged.  Sellers now have the opportunity to have us get their listing in the hands of buyers faster and closings less complicated—at a lower commission!

Call us for a “Snap Shot” of our current packages in process, but here is mere sample of the 30+ items assembled in a typical car wash package:

1)      Sellers last 3 years IRS Tax Returns (Re: Business)

2)      Sellers last 3 years P & L’s

3)      Last 12 months rolling P & L’s

4)      “Recast” perks and EBITDA

5)      Complete equipment list and personal property

6)      Employee list with ADP or payroll information

7)      DAB; or similar monthly car wash reports

8)      “Recast” Sellers financial position. 

In the event the "packaged business" is not sold during the 12 month exclusive listing period, the seller can upon mutual written agreement with us, extend for 12 additional months and refresh the original “package” at no charge!  The previous credit to seller for the package fee and discounted commission will remain in effect for sellers benefit upon closing.  Sellers will have the option to direct us to Co-Broke with other brokers only under expressed written mutual consent of the Seller.

            Upon written engagement (listing) with us and $5K paid to produce the “package”, the seller will immediately be given the list of the 30+ items that they must produce  to complete the package.


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